The 5th Session of the 1st Congress of Employees of SCC is Successfully Held
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For the purpose of strengthening democratic management in the enterprise, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of employees, developing harmonious labor relations, and implementing the democratic management rights of the employees including the rights to be informed, to be heard, to participate, and to oversee, the 5th Session of the 1st Congress of Employees of Shennan Circuits Co., Ltd. (SCC) was held at Shenzhen Longgang Manufacturing Base on May 30, with the participation of the representatives in Wuxi and Nantong via video link. The congress was divided into two parts: the preparatory meeting and the formal meeting. Comrade Jiang Wanmao, vice chairman of the Trade Union of SCC, presided over the congress. A total of 155 employees' representatives from the three places attended the meeting.

The meeting considered and filed 3 proposals made by the employees, and adopted by vote 6 systems related to administrative management and human resources.