SCC's 21st "Workplace Safety Month" Activities are Officially Launched
6 2,2022 Source of the article:

On June 1, Shennan Circuits Co., Ltd. (SCC) successfully held the conference for reporting the work of workplace safety in the first half of 2022 and the launching conference "Workplace Safety Month" activities in Shenzhen, Wuxi, and Nantong via video link. Yang Zhicheng and Zhou Jinqun, the directors of the Workplace Safety Committee of SCC, attended the conference. The members of the Workplace Safety Committee of SCC, the members of the Office of the Workplace Safety Committee of SCC, and the safety workers from the production plants/departments of SCC participated in the conference.

The conference reviewed the achievement of the overall workplace safety goals and the key work progress of SCC in the first half of 2022, reported the "Workplace Safety Month" series of activities plans, and watched the theme education video "Abiding by the Law on Workplace Safety, and Fulfilling the Duties of the First Person Responsible".

Zhou Jinqun said that we must raise our political awareness, thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important proposals on workplace safety, and improve the quality of implementing 15 hard measures; centering on "Abiding by the Law on Workplace Safety, and Fulfilling the Duties of the First Person Responsible", the theme words of the "Workplace Safety Month" this year, we must acquire a good knowledge and profound understanding of the law, and abide by the law, the directors, managers, supervisors, and process directors at all levels must earnestly fulfill the duties of the first person responsible for the business, department, and process, and each employee must act as the first person responsible for his own safety; and we must strengthen the management and control of the safety process, crack down any violation of law, rule or regulation, maintain constant vigilance against workplace accidents, pay close attention to this problem, and guarantee without fail workplace safety. He hoped that all employees of SCC would take the opportunity of the "Workplace Safety Production Month" series of activities, participate in the work on workplace safety, strictly implement the measures for workplace safety, and raise their workplace safety awareness, to form a good safety culture atmosphere.

In his summary, Yang Zhicheng stressed that all safety workers must attach great importance to safety work ideologically, embrace the philosophy of "life first, safe development", and create a stable social environment for the successful convening of the 20th CPC National Congress. At the same time, he required that all efforts must be made to implement safety precautions. The conference presented the data on the violations of laws, rules and regulations and on the rectification of potential hazards of new equipment, which showed that the safety management work of some plants of SCC has not been adequately implemented, and the quality of rectification needs to be improved urgently. All SCC people must improve risk control capability, leverage the 21st "Workplace Safety Month" activities, improve and perfect SCC's safety management system, screening of potential safety hazards, safety education and training, emergency response, and COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control, etc., to ensure the full implementation of safety management work.