PCB Shenzhen Plant I Football League is Successfully Concluded
5 27,2022 Source of the article: Times of browsing:

On the evening of May 27, with the final whistle of the main referee, the half-month PCB Shenzhen Plant I Football League came to an end in Pingshan Football Park. This football league started on May 10. The competition was carried out in the accumulated points system. The participating teams were divided into two groups, A and B. After 16 fierce competitions among the 4 teams, the team representing the Production Department won the championship of the competition, and the teams representing the Equipment Department, Technical Department and Quality Assurance Department won the runner-up, third runner-up, and best organization award respectively.

The hard efforts and team cohesion displayed by the players on the football field fired up the entire spectators. While learning about football skills and enjoying their spare time, the players also enhanced their friendship.