The 2022 First "Lunch with the General Manager" Communication Event in East China is Respectively Held in Wuxi and Nantong
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On May 18 and 25, the first "Lunch with General Manager" communication events of SCC Wuxi and SCC Nantong were held successively. Chairman Yang Zhicheng and General Manager Zhou Jinqun participated in the communication events of SCC Wuxi and SCC Nantong respectively, and had in-depth exchanges with the employees' representatives from the business units and functional departments, to understand the voices of the employees.

In SCC Wuxi, Zhou Jinqun first introduced the external situation and the operation and development of SCC in the first quarter, and then focused on whether the problems reported by the employees last year had been solved. For example, "Are the employees satisfactory to live in the dormitory? Is there anything else that needs to improve?", and "With respect to the management method improvement as raised by the employees last year, have you ever encountered similar cases again?"

In SCC Nantong, in a face-to-face manner, Yang Zhicheng heard the employee's representatives' suggestions for improvements in terms of production and operation, organizational training, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, process optimization, team collaboration, and life services. The employee's representatives spoke very enthusiastically. After hearing the voices of all the employees’ representatives, Yang Zhicheng gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the representatives one by one on the spot, and designated on the spot the personnel to be responsible for follow-up and improvement of key issues.

During the banquet, the two leaders repeatedly greeted everyone not to be restrained and to persist in practicing the "clean plate campaign".