SCC Holds Happy Reading & Sharing Salon Event
4 30,2022 Source of the article:

On April 28, Happy Reading & Sharing Salon was successfully held at the Longgang Manufacturing Base. Wang Chengyong, deputy general manager of Shennan Circuits Co., Ltd. (SCC) and chairman of the Trade Union of SCC, and nearly 70 book friends from the business divisions and departments of SCC participated in the event.

This salon marked the 2nd anniversary of the establishment of Happy Reading Camp. Lin Jia, senior director of the Strategic Development Department, combining with workplace cases and application scenarios, interact with book friends on such topics as self-recognition and positioning, improvement of key capabilities, and breakthrough of thinking boundaries, and shared her rich experience in synthesizing the books, which would help the participants improve reading efficiency and application of advances.

"Reading itself is a very happy thing." Wang Chengyong shared his reading experience on the spot when summarizing in the salon. Combining the stories in which SCC people acquired proficiency in new knowledge, new technologies, innovated work methods and improved work efficiency through reading, he pointed out that reading is the source of work innovation. Meanwhile, reading is the warm light in life. Humanistic books condense the life experiences and lessons of different people. Many emotional pressures can be relieved and vented through reading. Reading is necessary for making progress in life. Wang Chengyong encouraged the participants to absorb the essence of books while reading books as many as possible. The accomplishments of reading will eventually be reflected in people's words and deeds. Everyone should insist on reading more and reading good books, and through reading, achieve greater success for one's life, one's family and even for society.

After two years of development, with joint efforts from multiple departments, SCC Happy Reading Program has grown from the Happy Reading Camp established on April 23, 2020, a simple online reading group, into a cross-regional comprehensive program with 927 book friends, for the purpose of promoting reading and building learning organizations. In April and November each year, SCC would rely on the "Reading Day" to plan and organize a series of activities for SCC people's Happy Reading Month. In April this year, in addition to the traditional book fairs and the book recommending events by celebrities, for the first time the Program also used the online live streaming platform and the joint reading brand APP to plan such events as the online sharing sessions and the "Listening to Good Books Together" Challenge. Next, SCC Happy Reading Program will focus on optimizing community and platform management, continue to make improvement and innovations, foster Happy Reading brand activities, strengthening the coordination and cooperation between regions, departments and programs, introduce more convenient reading platforms and resources, and contribute to attracting more SCC people to persevere in reading and improving the organizational atmosphere.