The Theme Salon of Improving Service Quality is Successfully Organized
4 13,2022 Source of the article: Times of browsing:

On March 29, the management innovation salon with the theme of "improving service quality" was successfully organized. The backbone personnel and micro-innovation experts from the functional departments of SCC in Shenzhen, Wuxi and Nantong participated in the activity via video link.

This salon focused on the theme of "how to improve service quality". By sharing five best micro-innovation practice cases, the participants actively discussed innovative methods from such perspectives as learning from the best practices in the industry, introducing new media tools and using intelligent platform, and shared their mental journey of role changing and professional breakthrough in the process of innovation.

From the development of SCC's management innovation for many years, the micro-innovation of the service department has a multiplier effect, because it serves people and covers a wide range. Any small change can have a great impact. SCC hopes that all SCC people will maintain  openness to innovation, adhere to SCC's business philosophy, and accelerate the implementation of SCC's strategic objectives with the help of micro-innovation.