"Planting SCC 'Chip' Blessing Trees" -- SCC Wuxi Successfully Organizes the 2022 Annual Tree Planting Activity
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On March 18, SCC Wuxi successfully organized the 2022 annual tree planting activity of "Planting SCC 'Chip' Blessing Trees" in the gardening area of W5 complex building, the participants of which included Zhang Lihua, deputy general manager of SCC, as well as the directors and managers of business units and functional departments, and staff representatives.

During the activity, the participants planted dozens of magnolia trees and cherry trees in the gardening area of SCC Wuxi after they completed such tasks as earthing-up and watering. After planting the trees, all the participants signed the "Tree Sponsorship Cards" and hung them on the trees they planted, announcing their "responsibility" for taking care of the seedlings.

In her speech, Zhang Lihua stressed that this tree planting activity is not merely for the purpose of increasing the greening space and improving the living environment of employees. More importantly, she hoped that the representatives participating in the activity would spread the green concept of attaching importance to ecological environment to more people. She called on all SCC people to pay attention to the initiatives of "energy-saving and cost-reducing" in daily work and life, meet the such requirements as turning off the lights when leaving the room, implementing double-sided printing, and reasonably controlling the temperature of air conditioning, promoting the concept of low-carbon office.