DO IT TOGETHER! SCC 2021 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference Was Successfully Concluded
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On January 4, 2022, "DO IT TOGETHER" - SCC 2021 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference (hereinafter referred to as the “Conference”) was held in Shenzhen Longgang Manufacturing Base. The Conference was started on December 30, 2021, it was firstly held in SCC Wuxi, and then it was held in SCC Nantong on December 31, 2021. The Conference was concluded in SCC Shenzhen, with nearly 400 attendees, including the presenters, exemplary employees and team representatives, as well as the brides and grooms to the mass wedding ceremony.

Yang Zhicheng, chairman of SCC, and Zhou Jinqun, general manager of SCC, attended and delivered speeches throughout the Conference held in three places. General manager Zhou Jinqun briefed the attendees in the three places on the business operation of SCC in 2021. The commendation sessions in Shenzhen, Wuxi and Nantong were respectively presided over by Zhang Lijun and Zhang Lihua, deputy general managers of SCC, and Chen Yuchun, deputy general manager of SCC, and 638 exemplary teams and individuals were grandly commended.

Later, as a traditional event of SCC, 33 newlyweds from the three places participated in the mass wedding ceremony. With Yang Zhicheng officiating the marriage and Zhou Jinqun witnessing the marriage, they received mysterious surprises and full blessings. The family members of SCC’s employees at the site of the annual conference and in the parks in the three places took over the wedding candies and eggs distributed by the newlyweds, and shared joy and good luck together. The "Covenant of Living to Old Age in Conjugal Bliss" has been established since then.

Due to the requirements for pandemic prevention and control, the number of offline participants was much smaller than those in previous years, but the sessions were full of ceremonies, expressing respect and gratitude to exemplary employees, as well as giving care and blessings to the newlyweds.