Making rice dumplings and sachets - Dragon Boat Festival celebration at Shennan Wuxi
7 14,2021 Source of the article:

In the afternoon of June 11, the rice dumpling making activity in celebration  of the Dragon Boat Festival was held at the Floor 4 restaurant of Shennan Wuxi. Nearly 200 people from different business divisions and functional departments made rice dumplings in person on site.

At the competition site, everyone quickly rolled bamboo leaves into a funnel shape, put jujubes in, and then filled and pressed them with rice... a rice dumpling took shape rapidly."Making rice dumplings is too simple for our Hunan girls!"Yang Fangying, an employee from Hunan, completed the whole process of rice dumpling making swiftly.In the later session of mugwort sachet making, many female employees completed needle threading, stitching and trimming in one stroke. Compared to the male colleagues in the same group who sew the thread into an "earthworm" or could not thread the needle, they were better at sachet making.

The Shennan Wuxi Trade Union launched employee care activities on traditional festivals, not only enriching the employees' spare time, but also promoting traditional culture, and the cultural identity of the Company and employees.