2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report Released
8 8,2011 Source of the article:

   On August 3rd, the "To Build a Home of Hearts and Chips ----2011 SCC Corporate Social Responsibility Report" was officially released. This was the fifth corporate social responsibility report released continuously by SCC.


  "The hard work and joint efforts of the employees have enabled SCC to have the strength and ability to take on more and greater responsibilities." General Manager Yang Zhicheng wrote the words in his preface to the report, entitled with "the backbone of responsibility." In the preface, Yang Zhicheng pointed out that SCC has never stopped exploring and thinking about its own responsibility system, and always attaches great importance to the burden and fulfillment of social responsibility. It is reported that, compared with previous years, the 2011 report first launched the social responsibility diagram of SCC, and focused on highlighting the characteristics of social responsibility practice activities in 2011 on the basis of extending the previous reporting framework. In addition, the 2011 report is also more open and richer in content disclosure, which improves the readability of the report.