SCC's project of "Improving efficiency of production plan" awarded as "The Global Best Practice of Performance Improvement".
11 22,2015 Source of the article:

  On October 21, the Award Ceremony of Professional Awards of ISPI-China 2015, sponsored by International Society for Performance Improvement, was held in Shanghai, and SCC was awarded as "The Global Best Practice of Performance Improvement" by virtue of its project "Improving efficiency of production plan" in 2015.


  The Work Order Scheduling System has already been used for SCC for over ten years, which contributes a lot to the growth of SCC. However, along with the development of SCC's business, changes of market environment, and iteration of product positioning and structure, the original system becomes weak in flexibility and efficiency, and gradually makes a big gap from the clients' expectation and benchmark of industry. Since March of this year, the Department of Schedule and Order Performance has cooperated with IT Department to initiate a project of "Improving Efficiency of Production Plan", and creatively raised a concept integrating with "Timing Plan" and "Sequence Plan" based on self-characteristics and the features of previous planning system, advice and suggestions collected, and several rounds of discussions. After half a year of design, development, and test, the automatic scheduling system was completed and put into operation online. The new system realized automatic scheduling of production plans, which could timely respond to market changes and extend flexible space for production arrangement. It is of high universality and expansibility, and could offer strong support for improving the capability of planning and management.