Shennan Circuits' 2017 Annual Conclusion and Commendation Meeting and Variety Show for Celebrating the New Year Successfully Held.
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  When the winter goes away and the spring arrives, we farewell the old while ushering the new. At 17:20 on January 3, 2018, in the majestic national anthem, the 2017 Annual Conclusion and Commendation Meeting and Literary Show for Celebrating the New Year with the theme of "Growing up and striving for a better future" was grandly held in Shenzhen Longgang Manufacturing Base. Party Secretary of the China Aviation International Shenzhen Corporation, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Shennan Circuits Chairman You Lei, General Manager of Shennan Circuits Yang Zhicheng, and other members of the leadership team gathered with the staff of the Shenzhen area to celebrate together.


  At the outset of the meeting, Yang Zhicheng made his address under the theme of "growing up and striving for a better future." He said that in 2017, Shennan Circuits was faced with a very stressful external environment, and guided by the business keynote of “threeurgencies and three breakthroughs", making concerted effort to press ahead and successfully accomplish the predetermined mission. These achievements cannot be separated from the hard work and sacrifice of Shennan staff. At the same time, we need to introspect our shortcomings in light of achievements. Especially in 2018, we will face more challenging external environment and industry competitiveness. He pointed out that in 2018, we must continue to adhere to the "three urgencies and three breakthroughs" business keynote, focus on "grabbing orders, improving human effectiveness, and Nantong plant construction", pay attention to industry and technological situation, and grasp the direction of technology innovation and business reform to create values for customers continuously. He emphasized that every one of Shennan staff will be able to grow together with Shennan only if he possesses excellent skills and capabilities. General Secretary Xi said, "Happiness is based on struggle." We must insist that we will not make concession in the slightest, stick to the dreams of becoming a world-class enterprise, adopt the down-to-earth attitude, and strive to create a beautiful future that belongs to Shennan as well as to everyone.


  Mr. You Lei addressed the meeting. He said that as a staff of Shennan, we must have the courage to fulfill our mission and resolutely be our national team. In 2018, individuals must courageously break away from the comfort zone, make self-breakthroughs, improve their professional capabilities, and be a capable person; organizational breakthroughs must be made to allow individuals to be nurtured in strong, high-caliber teams, and to obtain more growth and happiness continuously. He hoped that all Shennan staff would dare to challenge themselves, continue to contribute to Shennan, and let the experience in Shennan become the most cherishable memory in their lives.


  Subsequently, at the meeting, outstanding employees and teams who performed well in 2017 were commended. During the variety show, the programs were so splendid as to trigger one climax after another. In addition to the programs performed by various business units and departments, distinguished guests were invited to perform on the spot, which won the audience cheers. In order to revitalize the atmosphere of the meeting and enhance employees' participation and experience, this year's annual meeting also specially planned such activities as "letters sent to spring", windmill promenade, 3D corridors, photo-taking walls, online interaction, and gift bags, winning universal praise from staff. Some staff wrote messages on the WeChat and EKP back stage, saying this year's annual shows were very attentive and the spot atmosphere was amazing. The journey for the Shennan staff is still continuing. We hope that Shennan and Shennan staff will grow upward in 2018 and embrace a better future!