Development history
1 17,2020 Source of the article:


· SCC was among the first batch of companies that passed the certification for "PCB Industry Standard Enterprise".

· We achieved the highest processing layers of 120.

· Wuxi SUB Factory was successfully connected.

· We approved by Shenzhen "Engineering Research Center".

· SCC Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute was established.

· SCC Advanced Technology Application Research Institute was established.

· We passed certification of "Intellectual Property Management System (IPMS)".

· We passed certification of "Hazardous Substance Process Management (HSPM) System".


· We passed the evaluation of national "Green Factory" with high score.

· We passed the certification of "Integration of Informationization and Industrialization Management System".

· We won IPC "Decade of Loyal Partner Award".

· The printed circuit board (PCB) factory of Nantong Shennan Circuits Company Limited (SCC) of ours, which is an exploratory factory of intelligent manufacturing.

· Wuxi SCC passed RBA (formerly EICC) certification with full score.


· The first criterion of China Printed Circuit Association (CPCA) prepared and led by us was published officially.

· We convoked the first "Promotion Conference for Corporation Social Responsibility (CSR) of Suppliers".

· We awarded Class A Taxpayers of Tax Credit in Shenzhen City.

· We passed the first certification of energy management system (ISO50001).

· We held Initial Public Offerings (IPO) of A-shares, and listing.

· We received the accreditation of Shenzhen "Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base".

· Our concept is always the quality which is a precondition for all work.

· Wuxi SCC awarded "State Accredited Enterprise Technical Center".


· Association for Science and Technology of SCC was established.

· We started the CSR program for Deutsche Telekom AG.

· We won the title of "Top 100 Quality Enterprises in Shenzhen".

· We received the accreditation of the first "Supply Chain Pilot Enterprises in Guangdong Province".

· We achieved the highest processing layers of 100.

· Wuxi SCC awarded "National High-tech Enterprises".


· We won the title the "Best Global Supplier" and "President Special Award" of Rockwell Collins.

· The Nanshan Factory relocated and took over.

· We started to engage in product design, and the ability of one-stop services was taking shape.

· The Project of Semiconductor Package Substrate of Wuxi SCC (Phase I) was completed.


· SCC officially added the words of listed company in Chinese.

· We held the 30th anniversary and "Corporate Culture Day" activity.

· The Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) of Wuxi SCC went into operation with connected lines.

· Wuxi No. 1 Factory of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) officially went into operation with connected lines.

· Nantong SCC was registered and established.


· The Project of Semiconductor Package Substrate of Wuxi SCC was commenced.


· We awarded an unique "National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise" in Wuxi in 2012.

· Wuxi SCC was registered and established.

· R&D Center of Wuxi SCC was established.


· We passed "Key High-tech Enterprises of the National Torch Program" for the First Time.

· We became the chairman unit of China Printed Circuit Association (CPCA) upon approval of the industry after years of experience accumulated.  

· We held the "Press Conference of Corporate Culture System".

· The production line of package substrate was connectively on and put into trial. MEMS-MIC got mass production.


· We set up the office of management innovation.

· We received the accreditation of "State Accredited Enterprise Technical Center" and became the first national enterprise technical center in PCB industry.。

· Rigid-flex PCB got mass production.

· We awarded "Class III Confidentiality Qualification Unit".

· We started to implement the quality culture of "Zero Error".


· SCC started to engage the field of semiconductor package substrate.

· We announced the standard of Social Responsibility of PCB Industry with CPCA to promote the development of it.   


· We carried out "3-in-one" strategy: The electronic interconneced with layout of PCB, package substrate, electronics assembly, and design for one-stop services. This will lead to the next step of business transformation.

· We officially developed electronics assembly business.

· We received the accreditation of "National High-tech Enterprises".

· We announced the first project of social responsibility for domestic and actively enforced the practice of social responsibility.


· The PCB factory of Longgang Manufacturing Base held the trial production throughout the process with all connected lines. SCC transformed the operation mode of one factory into the operation mode of many factories.

· We launched the R&D Project of MPCB and performed the layout of 3G business.

· We started to explore the practice of social responsibility systematically.


· We held a ceremony for the High-end PCB Investment Project.

· We were capable to produce boards of 42 layers, achieving national leading level.

· We awarded the 4th "Shenzhen Famous Brand".


· We became the first PCB "Enterprise Technical Center" in Shenzhen City.

· We started the R&D Project of thick copper plate.

· We began to carry out public welfare activities centered on popular science and education for teenagers, including popularized aviation science on campus and the host of "SCC Cup" National Aviation Model.


· We held the 20th anniversary.


· We launched the FEP project, mainly focusing on high laminated boards, highlighting inner layer production and process control, enhancing the forward-looking technology research and development of PCB, and taking advanced technologies such as HDI process, characteristic impedance process and laser perforating process as the development direction.

· We became the first PCB company to produce communication backplane in China.


· SCC was officially renamed in Chinese.

· We accomplished Century Extension Project (CEP Project).


· We became "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprises".

· We started the R&D project of rigid-flex PCB.


· CEP was launched officially.

· We received the certification of ISO9002 quality management system and entered the era of systematic management.


· We completed the batch processing of the most high-end boards of 12 layers in China.


· We completed the transformation of communication field and started to produce double-sided boards and composite boards.


· We became the VIP of IPC and the production value reached RMB 23.1 million.


·  Wen Jiabao, Secretary of the Work Committee under CPC Central Committee, visited SCC.

·  We completed the change of shareholders.


· SCC was officially established.