Home of hearts and chips
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"Heart" refers to the individuals that Shennan Circuits Company Limited (SCC) pays attention to; "core" refers to the receivers of SCC products and technologies; "home" refers to a warm and reliable platform for harvest, growth and value creation.  

In the home of heart and core, SCC associates, shares, co-creates with customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders.


SCC always focuses on the field of electronic circuit and adheres to the principle of leading technology and oriented quality. SCC builds a leading business ecosystem, provides customers one-stop products and services. SCC strives to become the world-class provider of electronic circuits technology and solutions.  


Customer focused: Customer orientation is the starting point and core principle of SCC people. Focus on the customer demand, give a quick response, continuously together create the value for the customer and achieves the customer. 

Enterpreneurial: Enterpreneurial performance is the style of SCC people and dedicated to work is the foundation of SCC. Under unfavourable circumstances, we should not avoid difficulties. Instead, we should face the reality. Under favourable circumstances, we should not be complacent about the status and we should be prepared for danger in times of safety. Facing difficulties, we always calmly deal with them and strive to move forward. 

Responsive: The pursuit of perfection and professionalism is the basic quality of SCC organization and people. We focus on and adhere to the goal. We pursue the ultimate ingenuity, ability, and be professional. 

Continuously improve: Innovation is the internal cause for SCC development vitality. Innovation means continuous breakthrough. We should be courageous to innovate ourselves, and constantly achieve our breakthrough, growth and transcendence with an open mind. 

Supportive: Being supportive is a strong guarantee for SCC and SCC people to achieve their goals. We work together efficiently to achieve common goals, common growth and share achievements between enterprises and individuals; SCC and all stakeholders help each other forward, surpass commerce and work together to create a future. 

The logo "SCC" comes from the English name of the enterprise "Shennan Circuits Company". Blue and orange are SCC VI color. Blue represents technology and orange represents warmth. Together, SCC constitutes the color of "home of heart and core".

S: the abbreviation of Shennan, representing SCC as well as "striving." It is the inheritance of SCC enterpreneurial spirit;

The first C: the abbreviation of circuits, representing SCC products and "customer." It emphasizes that SCC products are "customer focused";

The second C: company, SCC organization, with the pursuit of "creativity." It represents SCC's hope to become an organization always full of creativity;

"SCC" outlines the pursuit of SCC circuit brand. All our efforts and innovation should be customer focused, and we should focus on creating value for customers.