Innovation Platform
1 19,2020 Source of the article:

      Shennan Circuits, as the first national enterprise technology center and national technology innovation demonstration enterprise in the electronic circuit industry, pursues technological leadership is our constant belief. Shennan Circuits has established a domestic first-class enterprise R & D laboratory. After more than 30 years of continuous development and improvement, our R & D laboratory has the service capabilities of simulation + testing, and is committed to client product development, internal processes, and materials. And so on.

      At present, the company has complete reliability and failure analysis equipment, which can meet the requirements of products in different industries, including communications electronics, automotive electronics, semiconductors and other fields. Shennan Circuits already has THB, TC, CAF, IST, HAST, vibration shock and other equipment, which can fully evaluate the reliability of the product, and is equipped with CP, SEM / EDS, X-RAY, SAM and other analytical instruments to determine the failure mode Find the root cause of the failure.

      Shennan Circuits R & D Lab has the ability to simulate and analyze 50Gbps + high-speed passive transmission links. The analysis items include impedance, insertion loss, return loss, crosstalk, dielectric constant, and dielectric loss factor, etc., so as to promote the design and process Continuous improvement.

      In December 2017, Shennan Circuits was approved as the "Shenzhen Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base". With the postdoctoral research project, the company's research and development capabilities and innovation capabilities have been further improved, helping the company to create more value for customers.

      In 2019, Shennan Circuits will continue to advance its R & D layout. In May, Shennan Circuits was approved by Shenzhen High-speed High-frequency Printed Circuit Engineering Research Center. In October, the Shennan Circuits Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute was established to build an integrated intelligent manufacturing platform. In December, the Shennan Circuits Advanced Technology Application Research Institute was formally established, and the R & D layout was further improved.