Innovation Achievement
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       Shennan Circuit has always adhered to the development strategy of independent innovation and formed a three-level R & D system. There are R & D, product R & D, and technology departments at the headquarters, business department, and factory levels, which form an effective cooperation to promote the company's continuous technical capabilities. Promotion. After years of independent research and development and innovation, the company has developed a series of patented technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and maintains the industry's leading edge in technology in all aspects from process technology to cutting-edge product development. As of the end of 2018, the company has been authorized 361 patents, including 317 invention patents, and the number of patent authorizations ranks among the top in the industry. With more than 30 years of technological exploration and precipitation, Shennan Circuit has the ability to provide world-class customers with first-class products and services.


       Printed circuit boards are the key interconnects of electronic products. Most electronic equipment and products need to be equipped, so they are called "mothers of electronic products". The company specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of high-end printed circuit boards. The product application is centered on communication equipment, with a focus on industrial control and medical fields, and gradually increases the research and development of automotive electronics, server and other related product technologies Put in.

       After years of accumulation, the company has a leading comprehensive technical capability in various high and mid-end PCB processing technologies such as backplanes, high-speed multilayer boards, and has firmly established its industry-leading position in PCB technology. At the same time, in recent years, the company has continuously strengthened the construction of specialized and automated factories and actively promoted intelligence.

Key application areas of the company's PCB products

Application Area

Major Equipment

Related PCB Products

Feature Description


Wireless network

Communication base station

Backplane, High-speed multilayer board, High-frequency microwave board, Multifunctional metal substrate

Metal base, Large size, High multilayer, High frequency materials and Mixed pressure

Transmission network

OTN transmission equipment, 

Microwave transmission equipment

Backplane, High-speed multilayer board, High-frequency microwave board

High-speed materials, Large size, High multilayer, High density, Multiple back drills, Rigid-flex combination, High-frequency materials and Mixed pressure

Data communication

Routers, switches, Services / Storage devices

Backplane, High-speed multilayer board

High-speed material, Large size, High multilayer, High density, Multiple back drills, Rigid-flex combination

Fixed-line broadband

Fiber to the home equipment such as OLT, ONU

Multi-layer board, Rigid-flex joint

Industrial Control and Medical

Industrial control and medical system

High-speed multilayer board

High reliability, Multilayer board, Rigid-flex joint


       The package substrate is an integral part of the chip package. It not only provides support, heat dissipation and protection for the chip, but also provides electronic connections between the chip and the PCB motherboard. The packaging substrate products produced by Shennan Circuit are mainly divided into five categories, namely memory chip packaging substrates, micro-electro-mechanical system packaging substrates, RF module packaging substrates, processor chip packaging substrates, and high-speed communication packaging substrates. They are mainly used in mobile smart terminals. , Service / storage, etc.

       The company has formed a packaging substrate production technology and process with independent intellectual property rights, established an operating system adapted to the integrated circuit field, and has a leading competitive advantage in some market segments. The silicon microphone MEMS packaging substrates manufactured by the company are widely used in high-end smart phones, with a global market share of more than 30%; independently developed processor chip packaging substrates are widely used in chip product packaging by domestic and foreign chip design manufacturers; in advanced manufacturing processes In terms of capabilities, the company's high-density packaging substrates have achieved mass production, and some leading products (such as FC-CSP) already have mass production capabilities.


       PCB Assembly refers to the electronic components such as passive devices, active devices, connectors, etc. are mounted and soldered on the PCB according to the design scheme, to achieve electronic and electrical interconnection, and through functions And reliability testing to form a module, complete machine or system, which belongs to the downstream link of PCB manufacturing business. The company's PCB Assembly products can be divided into PCBA board level, functional modules, and complete product / system assembly according to the product form. The business mainly focuses on communication, medical electronics, automotive electronics and other fields, and also accelerates the layout of industrial control and energy. And design fields. At present, the company has the ability to provide customers with a full range of services including product design, development, production, assembly, and system technical support.

       With strong technical strength, professional design capabilities, stable and reliable quality performance, and customer-oriented concepts, the company's PCB Assembly business has established long-term strategic cooperative relationships with leading global companies.